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TUP GmbH MarkneukirchenThe TUP Group provides competence in interior comfort and function in the automotive industry.


TUP GmbH MarkneukirchenThe TUP Group with headquarters in Germany and subsidiaries in the Czech Republic and Ukraine provides for its customers an interesting cost structure with a high quality standard. The intensive cooperation with our partners in Europe, from product development up to the optimization, has established long-term and successful relationships. We realize the production economically and professionally in series, from individual modules up to complete assemblies.
TUP GmbH MarkneukirchenIn addition, there is the production of small volume and niche products as well as special assistance in case of peak production, including ensuring the highest level of flexibility for larger order fluctuations. Our core competence refers to the assembly and further processing of technical textiles and leather.

Mission Statements

TUP GmbH MarkneukirchenPartner
The satisfied, long-term partnership with our suppliers begins with the sustainable development cooperation, provides reliability in terms of quality and delivery times and is based on the same principles that we maintain against our customers.

TUP GmbH MarkneukirchenQuality, Safety, Environment
The importance of quality is documented in a modern, practiced quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO TS 16949: 2009

We are committed to „zero-defect strategy“ and thus prioritize error prevention, in order to work properly from the beginning. Nevertheless, in case of any defects such defects are analyzed using modern mehods and corrective actions are taken in the context of fiancial feasibility.

The primary defect prevention is aimed at both the high quality and safety at the workplace. Low rejection rates and the appropriate use of resources are the most important contributions to environmental protection to us.

TUP with all its employees is committed to a transparent and responsible corporate management. This includes, among other things, all discrimination and corruption. Conversely, every employee has the opportunity to get in contact with our superiors, or directly with our owners, in case of suspicion of possible violations, so that these aspects in the team are evaluated and processed in a sustainable manner. This ethical behavior is also expected by our partners.

Low rejection rates and the appropriate use of resources are the most important contributions to environmental protection to us.

TUP GmbH MarkneukirchenEmployees
Continuous learning and active involvement in the continuous improvement guarantees us a high level and long-term commitment of our employees.

TUP GmbH MarkneukirchenManagement
In preparation of plans and analyzes our management applies key figures of our processes in order to meet the quality and quantity requirements economically and profitably.

Managing Director
Mirko Wölfel

authorized officer
Jörg Seifert

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Environmentální Politika