Unternehmen TUP GmbH Markneukirchen


Development, sewing, upholstering, laminating. In order to have your customers sit comfortably, the TUP Group makes technical textiles and leathers, as well as processing, for a comfortable travelling in motor traffic, rail traffic and aviation. At our headquaters in Germany, and further subsidiary companies in the Czech Republic and Ukraine, we produce single modules, as well as component assemblies, in large-scale production at high quality standards. We deliberately desire to present ourselves as your business partners. This high standard demands flexibility – an attribute that allows
producing large-scale production as well as manufacturing small batch series and niche products. We thus assure the maximum amount of quality despite major order fluctuations and production peaks that the customer may experience. Not to say the least, we satisfy quality standards by having strategic cooperative relationships with partner companies throughout Europe. Their claims manifest themselves in professional and smooth order processing at best prices and our end-products perfect haptics and optics.



TUP Germany

Gewerbepark 7/9
D - 08258 Markneukirchen

phone: +49 37422 - 5840
fax: +49 37422 - 58430
e-mail: info@tup-gmbh.de
TUP Ukraina

wul. Duchnowytscha
UA - 89624 Nove Davydkovo
Mukachevskij Rayon
Zakarpatska Oblast – Ukraine

phone/fax: +380 3131 - 96514
e-mail: tup_ukraine@tup-gmbh.de
TUP Bohemia

TUP Bohemia s.r.o.
Prumyslový park 157 / 7
CZ - 350 02 Cheb-Hradištê

phone: +420 351 011 72
fax: +420 239 - 017477
e-mail: info@tup-gmbh.de
TUP Bohemia

TUP Bohemia, s.r.o.
Družstevní 530
CZ - 35137 Luby

phone: +420 354 436 669
e-mail: info@tup-gmbh.de
TUP Russia

TUP Kaliningrad
Alleja Smelych St. 31a
RU - 236004 Kaliningrad

phone: +7 4012 565570
fax: +7 4012 565573
e-mail: info@tup-gmbh.de