Historie TUP GmbH Markneukirchen

Development into an international competence center

In the year 1992, a group of partners established TUP GmbH Textilverarbeitung und Polsterei with twelve employees. Within the seventeen years to follow, mainly the managing partners Ulrich Hattendorf (+2009) and Gerd Sommer expanded, managed and developed the group of companies into a recognised and highly productive business in the field of interior trim and upholstery for motor vehicles. After only five years, nearly 90 employees were on board. Well-filled order books and strategic product range development brought a continuous growth in sales. The resulting profits were invested in the extension of the company's productive efficiency. Our customers have been benefiting from that to this day. Without exception, all produced components are dispatched to the German and European automotive industry and its system suppliers "just in time".

All TUP Group sites are certified to the current guidelines of ISO TS 16949 and ISO 9001.
In November 1996, the new headquarters with a large production hall, modern warehousing and administration was inaugurated in the business park of Markneukirchen. The new production hall for the central sewing room, including a cutting line and an additional storage wing, specifically tailored to the requirements of fabric and leather storage, was taken into operation only one year later. Also in 1996, the Czech subsidiary - located in Cheb (Eger), only a few kilometres behind the border -started producing.
In 2010 the shareholders' meeting passed a resolution to appoint a supervisory board for the group.
In recent years, the Czech subsidiary TUP Bohemia s.r.o. has developed into a top performer of the group in the field of sewing and upholstering various interior trim and upholstery items for well-known European automotive brands. Moreover, the company managed to extend the product range to include items for the interior trim and upholstery of railway cars and aircrafts.
At a modern, newly built complex of buildings in the business park of Eger/Cheb the company found an appropriate location. It offered the possibility to expand, and the second phase of construction was completed at the end of 2010. More building measures have been implemented in the years thereafter. By the end of 2014, the final status will be accomplished. Then the TUP Bohemia s.r.o. site will comprise 6 large production and storage halls.
In the year 2013, another production site on Czech territory could be taken into operation as an extended workbench in Luby / Schönbach near the headquarters in Markneukirchen. Hence, more than 250 employees work for TUP Bohemia at the two production sites.
TUP Ukraina started manufacturing headrest covers in September 2004 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the parent company in Markneukirchen. Today, TUP Ukraina is capable of producing various interior trim and upholstery items for automobiles using high-quality, comprehensive and modern machinery. Over 200 employees manufacture sophisticated interior parts every day.
The company is located in Nove Davydkovo near Mukachewo in Transcarpathia, only a few kilometres away from the Hungarian and Slovakian borders. The site is certified to IATF 16949 and ISO 9001. The construction of an extension on a newly acquired tract of land to create additional capacities is planned for the year 2015.
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